Bstol Affiliate Program

15% High Commission

How you can benefit as an affiliate partner of Bstol Products,Up to 20% commission rate. The following tiers are in place per affiliate type, however this can be negotiated depending on exposure in return:

up to 15% per order (Netto):Content affiliates;

  • Reward, employee benefits, charity, loyalty, comparison and community affiliates;
  • Cashback and social group affiliates;
  • Coupon affiliates;

-Coupon codes must be validly attributed to the affiliate channel to be tracked and paid.

-Special rates and exclusive vouchers available for top Affiliates after proven return.

-Company: International, young and fast-paced with rapid growth;

-Industry sector: electronic, healthy, sports,beauty;

-Secure payment and low cancellation rate;

-High conversion rates;

How can your users benefit:

High quality products;

Customer Support & Live Chat;

Frequently new discount promotions and offers;

Free shipping;

3-7 days delivery time;

Participation and eligibility criteria:

Bstol can work with voucher affiliates.

Each website is individually checked and evaluated. If a website meets all our basic admission criteria, the application will be accepted.

We can only accept websites for the affiliate program that are fully retrievable, in order for us to review the content of the page.

Bstol products Affiliate Brand-Bstol, Promotion- and Visual Identity Guidelines for Affiliate Partners:

General Branding guidelines:

The general branding guidelines apply for all registered affiliate domains or social media channel name for the Bstol products program: It is not allowed to use the keyword “Bstol unjik” including any misspellings, typos or variations of wording to promote or advertise and generate clicks, views or orders for the affiliate program. E.g.: A domain such as***.com or Social Media channels such as will not be approved for the affiliate program.

The following advertising forms are not allowed:

Self written Newsletter send outs or copying and/or forwarding of any official Bstol products email promotion. Only newsletter that are coordinated with and approved by your affiliate manager are allowed as promotion of bstol com

Promotion and display of the Bstol brand or any bstol products in relation to the following topics:

glorification and incitement of violence, extremism, racism, pronography/sexual content, defaming

people with regards to their origin, religion or sexual orientation, glorification and incitement of hatred, as well as any topics prohibited by law.

Cookie dropping, usage of Ad-/Spyware, Desktop-Gadgets, Browser-Plugins (e.g. Toolbars), Pop-Up/Pop-Under, Layer or iframe, robots, automatized tools, crawler/scraper bots, etc.

Manipulation of traffic/sales, forced clicks, paid clicks, Non-Stop/direct forwarding of affiliate traffic to Bstol products and non visible landing pages or promotion material;

Promotion of voucher codes that are designated to specific affiliates, or not approved for the affiliate channel;

Promotion on websites with no imprint or compliance acording to the GDPR;

Promotion on websites that are under construction/not live or have broken content etc.

Usage of non registered/approved affiliate websites or 3rd party platforms to direct traffic to;

Collecting email addresses with the clear aim of promoting Bstol specific offers, codes and promotions is not allowed;

It is not allowed to use the affiliate program to generate sales commission for purchases of own usage

SEM guidelines:

The following restrictions apply to the promotion of our products by search engine marketing (SEM):

- Brand bidding, i.e. bidding on the keyword "Bstol com", "Bstolcom", is prohibited.

- This also applies explicitly to all other (incorrect) spellings and keyword combinations.

- Restrictions apply to all keyword advertising systems, especially Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

- Bidding on generic keywords using your own domain as display URL is allowed.

Please coordinate your search engine marketing with us at the contact details provided.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and I look forward to receiving your application.

Any violations of the affiliate program terms and conditions will lead to an immediate cancellation of the affiliate partnership and the rejection of all generated orders.

In case of violation of either of the above listed, the competition law or the general data protection regulations, Bstol® reserves the right to terminate all working relationships with the affiliate.

Furthermore, Bstol® reserves the right to take legal action for any violations of this agreement and claim compensation for any damages made to the affiliate code of conduct and the bstol® Brand.

It is the affiliate's sole responsibility to keep up to date with any changes of the T&Cs and ensure that their actions are fully compliant with these at any given time.

These terms also apply for sub- and partner brands of Bstol.

By joining the Bstol® affiliate program, you confirm that you have read, understood and agree with the Bstol Oil affiliate Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, as well as agreeing to comply with GDPR and the Terms and Conditions of the bstol® online store.

If you have any questions, suggestions or requests for the Bstol products affiliate program, or if you need information material/visuals that are not provided via your network, please get in touch with your affiliate manager.

I look forward to receiving your application for the Bstol com affiliate program.

Many thanks and best regards,Ads Pictures;

Bstol from Bstol com;

Affiliate Marketing Manager;

[email protected]

Tel: +86 138 2332 5595