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Bstol Disposable Vape Device

Athenticate Your Bstol

- Thanks for choosing Bstol Vape.

- To provide better service, Bstol has been updating our authenticity check system since November, 2021. Therefore, you may find the Code sticker on your Bstol in either form as follows. They are both original from Bstol.

- Protect yourself against the counterfeit Bstol products. Scratch the QR code below the Bstol Hologram on your Bstol product and enter the number here, or scan the QR code with your phone's camera.


Scratch the silver cover and input the authenticity code

Bstol Vape Anti-Counterfeiting

Scan QR code

If you feel the Bstol device you purchased was not real, immediately return the device to where you bought it. Fill out this form to help up stop the counterfeit devices.

Counterfeit devices can cause serious injury.

Help our counterfeit task force keep an eye out for counterfeit devices.